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In today’s Cleanse Heal Ignite episode with Dr Diane Kazer for Warrior Wednesdays we're bringing you an information-packed episode from beautiful Mexico, with insider info that I promise you’re not going to get anywhere else.
I’m back with my special guest, Dr Jack Kunkel, to discuss the TOP 5 ARSONISTS THAT ARE MAKING YOU SICK.

And, how to free yourself from these blocking factors and finally step into your God-given beauty, energy and vitality.

Dr. Jack and I are talking ABC - ALWAYS BE CLEANSING.

If you’re not taking some kind of binder every day you’re screwed. So what's a binder?

Well, it’s the 4th stool of the ‘Using Food as Medicine’ first, followed by supplements to expedite, deepen and improve your healing journey and get rid of the Arsonists…permanently.

And just who are these Arsonists? They are a multitude of toxins that create fires of inflammation in the body and must be effectively excreted by the body. We are living in the most toxic time in human history, so if you want to see REAL results, you must be on at least one binder daily. And it’s important to learn about the different binder types, what they bind to and and how they excrete differently.

That’s why in Module 5 of The Warrior Cleanse, I score these binders on their effectiveness. For example, you. may have heard that Activated Charcoal is the gold standard, or all you need to detox, and simply put, it’s not.

This is why I highly recommend you work with me and my team to run the best labs to get to the bottom of WHY you’re still suffering with symptoms and sickness.
Are you finally ready to truly transform and transcend your health roadblocks that no other doctors have been able to pin down? The time is now to book a call.
Removing the ‘arsonists’ that have been setting fire to your body as long as you’ve had them in...without doing a detox after to clean up the mess they made is like driving your car in it’s wrecked state after an accident.

These arsonists - breast implants, silver fillings, IUD’s, mesh material, Botox, fillers and more are leaving a trail of toxins that damage your tissues, and need some serious TLC after you remove them.

So tune in and get the insider scoop that the mainstream and conventional systems do not want you to know.

Why? Because the system is designed to keep you sick and disempowered.

And, that’s exactly what we are shifting here at CHI Holistic Health Ministry.

We’re helping our patients to free themselves and reclaim their divine health, beauty, energy and vitality.

Are you ready to finally free yourself?


-->The Complete Rockefeller Playbook keeping everyone in sickness and disi-ease: Western Medicine Poisons, beauty toxins, mammograms, radiation, gadolinium, medical devices, and so much more
-->The truth about Cholesterol: what it is and healthy levels
-->The common side effects you may be experiencing due to Medications for Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Acid Reflux.
-->Lyme is a BIOWEAPON and its prevalence is skyrocketing
-->Why is Herpes on the Rise? And how is it really caused?
-->The #1 Prescribed Drug, CIPRO, and why you MUST avoid it!
-->MOLD! The nearly invisible, pervasive toxin that’s wreaking havoc on our body
-->Why everyone’s immune system is overly taxed and screaming for help…and how to resolve this.
-->Broken Belief Systems: mental constructions, unresolved emotions and stress (Mal)adaptations
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