RFK Jr. is the Only Candidate Willing to Die for His Beliefs and Our Country

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23 days ago

In this clip from The Jeff Dornik Show, Anna Matson and I delve into the unique aspects of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign. We discussed his strong stance against big corporations and the military-industrial complex, emphasizing his commitment to tackling all major industrial complexes that threaten American democracy. I also highlighted the collusion between big corporations and the government through public-private partnerships, which is fascism, and point out how RFK Jr. is the only candidate addressing these root issues. There’s a revolving door of corruption in Washington and a need for transparency, especially regarding the JFK files, and RFK Jr.'s willingness to challenge the status quo for the sake of truth and accountability. This conversation underscores the critical need for a leader who truly understands and stands up for the principles of a government by the people, for the people.

Watch the full episode of The Jeff Dornik Show: https://rumble.com/v52axu9-kennedy-debunked-anna-matson-dismantles-the-smear-campaigns-against-robert-.html

If you’d like to Declare Your Independence from both political parties and support a truly independent candidate in Robert F Kennedy Jr for President, consider donating to his campaign at https://jeffdornik.com/kennedy.

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