This Pup Goes Down The Stairs With The Help Of A Pimped-Out Stairlift

Published May 15, 2018 584 Plays

Rumble There are many people out there who live in a multi-storey buildings, but have trouble navigating the multiple steps that separate their floors. So way back in the 1920s someone thought of making these people’s lives that much easier by creating a chair that can lift them up and down a floor with the push of a button.

With the stairlift being so widely available, many have found that it can serve a purpose for their ill dogs as well. Most pups can suffer the same ailments that affect humans, one being arthritis and just like in humans, this affliction prevents dogs from navigating stairs.

Pia Hjelmsø from Kongens Lyngby in Denmark has an English Bulldog that suffers from arthritis. The poor pup can not be separated from his loving human for way too long, so he wants to be with her every place she goes. But when the time comes for him to climb up and down the stairs in their home in Herlev Municipality, he is unable to do it without feeling pain.

So his loving owner asked her friend Lars Trillingsgaard for help. The duo created a stairlift for Aase and designed it in the shape and look of a London City Bus.

Aase gets on the buss and Pia wants for his at the bottom of the stairs to push the button for “go”. When the stairlift reaches the bottom, a little door lowers so that the pup can get off the bus and onto a lower platform. How cool is that?

Credit to 'Pia Hjelmsø'.