The Megyn Kelly Show: Steve Bannon Interview - Aired 6/28/24

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Aired 6/28/24

Steve Bannon on Biden as National Security Threat, Fighting Trump Lawfare, and Preparing For Prison

Megyn Kelly is joined by Steve Bannon, host of "Bannon's War Room," to talk about the massive political fallout from President Biden's disastrous presidential debate, the way Joe Scarborough, one of the biggest Biden's sycophants in the media, has gone from telling critics to "f off" if they say Biden isn't mentally sharp, to saying Biden should step aside as the nominee, the national security threat of having Biden in charge after the debate, the potential constitutional crisis ahead, the truth about Biden's mental fitness, the potential massive political damage to Democrats in the House and Senate if Biden stays in, who Democrats might replace Biden with, the likelihood of Michele Obama being the pick, how Republicans should play it politically, the significance of the New York Times and prominent Democrats going public with their Biden criticism, the donors who are dropping from Biden now, how the right should fight Democratic lawfare against Trump, the massive Supreme Court Fischer ruling that will help Trump and January 6 defendants, Supreme Court clamping down on big government, his prison sentence starting on Monday, the Biden administration's weaponization of the courts, and more. Plus, Megyn and Bannon discuss Breitbart's past attack on Megyn, her rocky relationship with Bannon for years, the lawfare that ended up bringing her and Bannon to this interview, how Megyn differentiates her personal life and her public "brand," and more.

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