Eager Kiddo Slides And Falls A Little Short

Published May 15, 2018 12 Plays $0.05 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsTee-Ball is a team sport much alike to baseball and serves to introduce young children to the game through its streamlined rules. In addition, it is also used as a method of helping children to improve hand/eye coordination and ball skills. The chief difference between Tee-Ball and baseball is that, while in baseball a pitcher pitches the ball in the direction of the hitter, this does not happen in Tee-Ball. In its place, the hitter hits the ball off a tee which is stationary, therefore allowing young children an easier way of hitting the ball. Although in Tee-Ball the ball is softer, the lack of the ball being pitched also makes it safer for children.

A young resident of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, who played his first T-ball game, recently became famous on the Internet due to the unusual style of the game. The video, shot on April 22, 2018, shows a tiny kid eager to slide, so eager that the kiddo plunges into the dirt but is just a bit outside and doesn't quite make it!

Parents watching from the stands shouldn’t be discouraged by events such as these, although it is difficult to watch our kids struggle in athletics. It’s funny, too, because no one should really care about how they perform at this young age. This child should be left to grow as a person and develop his or her competitive spirit and all the while be given room to bail tomorrow if they decide to do so. Remember, this should be just some good fun.