The Funniest Relationship Between A Cat And A Dog

Published May 15, 2018 1,711 Plays

Rumble Who says that cats and dogs can’t be best friends? Even though they are enemies, in theory, there are so many exceptions to that rule in practice! I bet you have seen cats and dogs playing together at least once! But even if you have, I bet you have never encountered a relationship between a cat and a dog as close as this video shows! Prepare to have your mind blown! The stars of this clip are a cute cat and a funny dog. As the clip begins, it looks like they are cuddling and playing, but if you look closer, you’ll see that there’s much more than just playing involved! The funny dog is licking the cat’s teeth! LOL! We all know that friends should take care of each other, but this is next level! And I’m not even sure whether they are kissing, or the dog has just decided to take care of the kitty’s dental hygiene! LOL! Either way, they are absolutely hilarious!