Stand4THEE Friday Night Zoom June 28 - Quarantine Act Win!

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In 2022 alone, over 19,000 Canadians refused to comply with the unlawful Quarantine Orders totalling a whopping $15 million in fines and countless hours in the courtroom. Many, despite their best arguments, were convicted and forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines.

The tides are turning friends! On June 26th in the Ontario Court of Justice on appeal, Judge Monahan was compelled to overturn and acquit a fine of $5,000.00 to Ms. Fernando, a traveller who refused to consent to a PCR test. The argument had been brought before the courts countless times; section 14 of the Quarantine Act clearly states that a foreign instrument cannot be inserted into the body as a screening tool and without success.
Chris Weisdorf, (a non- lawyer) presented excellent arguments and Judge Monahan, who is a seasoned Superior Court Judge, agreed and ruled in Chris’ favor and the conviction was overturned! 🥊

The following arguments are now cemented in this case law, R. v. Fernando:
- The Justice of the Peace had not addressed the argument under section 14 of the Quarantine Act;
- The Act doesn't allow for the use of PCR as screening test as it's a foreign object entering the body;
- The Quarantine Act specifically says that screening technology maybe used that does not involve entry into the human body;
- The Governor General may not deny entry of a Canadian Citizen into the country when they're entering from a country with a communicable disease when Canada is prepared (which Canada was);
- The PCR test met the Oxford dictionary definition of an instrument;
- The PCR test met the Oxford dictionary definition of a foreign body;
- The Order in Council did not expand the powers to health agents;
- Pre-arrival tests performed in other countries were not part of this ruling;
- The refusal was lawful and should not have been found guilty by the Justice of the Peace.

What does this mean for the rest of us? First, it confirms WE CAN WIN in the court. Second, it solidifies that those responsible for enforcing law are obligated to follow the law!
If you are still battling charges for refusing the PCR test when returning to Canada this is your new argument! If you WERE convicted, you need be EXONERATED!

Links from the Zoom:
- Link to CanLii to request the ruling be uploaded; Here is the link to Canlii: - Case info: Name of court, board or tribunal - Ontario court of justice Case name - Peel Region Date of decision - Wed, June 26, 2024 Docket or file number Name of judge or adjudicator - Judge Monahan
- Link to Cullen's fundraiser to buy transcripts for his appeal and legal consultation, the most significant cases in Canada today;
- Fund raiser for Byron Carr,
- Link to Industry Advisory Table: Link to advisory table,

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