Corgi Plays With Watermelon

Published May 14, 2018 231 Plays

Rumble Who doesn’t like watermelons? They are so yummy! Did you know that dogs are also big fans of that delicious fruit? But rather than eating them, dogs like playing with them! If you can’t imagine a dog having so much fun with a watermelon, you have to check out this funny video! As the clip begins, you can see an adorable Corgi dog having so much fun with a watermelon. He rolls the huge watermelon all over the living room floor, chase it and even tries to bite it! How cute is he? This cute Corgi is obsessed with this watermelon! He rolls it to the other room and comes back to the living room without out it. He’s probably hidden somewhere so that his owners can’t find it and take it away from him! How clever is that? LOL! Isn’t his the funniest thing you've seen in quite some time? Absolutely priceless!