A Great Dane Dog Squeezes Through A Tiny Dog Door

AFVVirals Published May 14, 2018 126 Plays

Rumble Dogs are such incredible beings! They come in all shapes and sizes, and we can all agree that each and every one representative of the dogkind is absolutely amazing! If you are a fan of dogs and all the funny stuff that happens to them, this video will surely make you laugh out loud! This video takes place outside, in front of a house entrance. There are three dogs in the picture and all of them have an intention to enter the house through the dog gate. The first two smaller dogs have no difficulties fitting through the tiny dog gate. One hop and they’re in! But now it’s the Great Dane’s turn and issues are bound to occur. That dog gate’s just too small for him! But that doesn’t mean he’s giving up! He manages to pull the front part of his body through the door, but that’s about it. LOL! How funny is this Great Dane? Eventually, he manages to squeeze through the tiny door! Good job! Totally priceless!