Where are the Affidavit Mommas at now.

24 days ago

Hello Everyone, The Affidavit Mommas wanted to come to you tonight to tell you where we as the Affidavit Mommas are right now. This is to let everyone know that we do not work with others outside of our very small group on Notices, Affidavits, Remonstrances, or Writs. There are many podcasts out there and other shows that you might watch that could say our name or talk about us. But the Affidavit Mommas are a small group of Ladies and one guy that work with only a few other guys to do what we do. We do not work with any other big names or other podcasters. We have been on podcasts and talked about what we do but we do not work with anyone. Our group teaches and educates others on Notices, Affidavits, Constitutions, Writs, Statutes, Remonstrances. We keep learning about these things to help people that we can help. We felt it was time to let all of you know where we are now and what we do so that you can come to us and ask questions in these matters. If you see us on other videos talking about Notices and Affidavits that was from 2021 to early 2023. We are only doing our own videos or a few podcasts once in a while.
If you ever need to talk to us email us at affidavitmommas2021@gmail.com
If you would like to look at our website it is affidavitmommas.com

We are here to help the people we can help.

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