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In today’s Cleanse Heal Ignite episode with Diane Kazer for Warrior Wednesdays we help you become your own best defender! I welcome to our CHI Podcast Athleticism Founder and EMF Expert, Justin Frandson.

Today I am live at 10am PT / 1pm ET for our Warrior Wednesday CHI Podcast with Justin Frandson, the man behind the phenomena, EMF Rocks. This amazing technology is taking us back to nature, in just the way that God intended, to completely protect us from dangerous EMF.

Creating a healthy home and office environment that mitigates and harmonizes the dangers of EMF is one of my foundational values. It’s so important to me and my team, that we are digging deep to ensure that we find you the best resources, and only those that I myself know to be tried and true solutions.

Justin will be sharing his unique EMF expertise founded on the principles of nature that have been used widely by holistic enthusiasts and athletes world wide.

Join us today and get the scoop directly from me and Justin so that you can be on your way to a healthier and happier home for you and your loved ones.

My friends, share this story widely! In a world that's gone crazier by the day, we must unite in the TRUTH and share SOLUTIONS!


Man-made, non-native EMFs and how they differ from native EMF
Our clear connection to nature
The lies behind electric cars and why they are terrible for our environment and our health
Electromagnetic shifts: What are they, how do they occur and how do they affect us?
Brain wave states during sleep, awake and the importance of utilizing these brain waves upon sleeping and waking.
Creating a healthy home in resonance with nature

I love to hear from you! Drop your comments and questions in the live chat and I will address them during the show.

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