Busted for photography! Avoiding being illegally detained from an unprofessional maintenance guy

24 days ago

I had two busts in two places I filmed at for elevators in one week. Quite a journey isn't it! Unlike Westfarms Mall, this bust does not have a happy ending. Unlike Westfarms Mall, this confrontation came from the building maintenance guy who was very unprofessional and attempts to illegally detain me for taking videos of the elevator in the building. This video tells the whole story of what happened. The maintenance guy is actually at fault for not keeping his building safe. You will see what I mean in the video. Remember everybody, when confronted by employees who work FOR THE BUILDING (NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF A TENANT OF THE BUILDING) or a property manager or owner, you have to stop recording your video if asked and leave the property if asked. You DO NOT have to present them identification or delete your video. They DO NOT have the right to detain you in their building illegally. Remember everybody, PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT A CRIME!!

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