đź”´Biden in TOTAL PANIC over Debate | Trump misses ZERO events!!

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**Trump's Rising Popularity Among Minorities**: Sara Gonzales discussed the increasing support for Donald Trump among Latino and Black Americans. She highlighted how Trump's policies and messages resonate with these communities, contributing to his growing popularity.

**Paul Ryan and the Russian Dossier**: We delved into the allegations against former House Speaker Paul Ryan. Sara explained how Ryan reportedly aided Hillary Clinton in her attacks on Trump by keeping silent about the fake Russian dossier, which has caused significant political turmoil.

**CNN's Interview Blunder**: Sara provided insights on CNN's controversial decision to mute Trump campaign's National Press Secretary, Karoline Levitt. The incident occurred when Levitt accused CNN's Jake Tapper of bias, pointing to his past comparisons of Trump to Hitler. Sara emphasized how this move by CNN only fuels the perception of unfair treatment of Trump by the media.

**Kamala Harris's Comments on Trump**: We discussed Vice President Kamala Harris's reaction to Trump's claim that Black Americans empathize with him due to his recent felony charge and mugshot. Sara pointed out the irony in Harris's criticism given her past actions, such as incarcerating individuals for weed charges, and now advocating for legalization.

**AOC's Campaign Misstep**: Sara commented on Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's appearance at a pro-Palestinian rally where an explicit Cardi B song was played. This misstep, according to Sara, highlights the new generation of Democrats' campaign issues.

**Shift in Political Support**: The discussion also covered the shift of some former Obama supporters, like Allison Huynh, to the Republican side. Sara explained that issues like crime, education, and the handling of social problems in cities like San Francisco are driving this change.

**US-Russia Relations**: Sara shared her perspective on the escalating tensions between the US and Russia. She discussed the recent allegations by Russia accusing America of aiding Ukraine in a missile strike on Crimea.

**IRS and Tax Relief**: We touched on the increased activity by the IRS in 2024, sending millions of 'pay up' letters to individuals with unfiled tax returns or balances owed. Sara highlighted the importance of seeking professional help from firms like Tax Network USA.

**Legal Battles and Controversies**: Finally, we covered several significant legal battles, including the court ruling against Biden's student loan forgiveness plan and the multi-state lawsuit against Pfizer for misleading the public about the COVID-19 vaccine's safety and efficacy.

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