THD 102 Kartesian Acoustic Innovations Dedicated to the Reproduction of the Full Dynamic Range

26 days ago

The Total Harmonic Discussion / the THD Podcast. A weekly discussion on audio and headphone technologies and the people who bring the technology to market.

In episode 102, Clement Lambert of Kartesian Acoustic joins us to talk about improving the dynamic capacity of drivers by focusing on the details like the delicacy of spider and surround design and how it impacts acoustic performance. Dedicated to audio excellence, Kartesian contributes to continually improving the sound quality of audio products. For over a decade, they have developed innovative technology that can be integrated into any customer demand. Kartesian products can be adapted to your specific technical requirements and brand spirit.

Located in the northeast of France, Kartesian are electro-acoustic experts, dedicated to advanced loudspeakers and audio technology. Our customers are international high-end audio, Hi-Fi, multimedia, and professional brands. They only work with suppliers oriented to innovation, able to follow our demanding quality process. They have selected the best suppliers for each loudspeaker component (magnet, frame, voice coil, ...) all over the world. Full process, from engineering to production is located in France. Every unit produced has a unique quality control number linked with our archive and stock to fully ensure the required performances for each loudspeaker.

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Thanks to Barry Vogel and the ALTI Audio & Loudspeaker Technologies International for their support as well!

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