How Old Are These MEGALITHS? A Study of Erosion in Ancient Egyptian Architecture - UnchartedX

28 days ago

The ancient stone structures of the Giza plateau are overwhelming the first time you see them – but repeated visits will begin to reveal the subtle layers of detail and mystery written into the megalithic blocks. This video explores one of these details, the evidence for significant erosion, particularly that of the limestone masonry in the megalithic ancient structures.

Not all is as it seems when looking at ‘Old Kingdom’ architecture, and I get into the contradictions inherent to the established timeline, as well as exploring the scientific research exploring erosion rates of sedimentary limestone under various conditions – and the logic leads to a remarkable conclusion.

Many thanks to my Egyptian brother Yousef Awyan for his efforts, as well as my friend and teacher Randall Carlson.

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0:00 Introduction
2:20 Pyramid Complex Overview
4:28 Granite Casing Stones
6:45 Repair and Restoration Work
11:30 Erosional Damage
17:27 Water Damage? Timeline Issues
21:38 Major Contradiction, the Other 4th Dynasty Structures
26:36 Other Eroded Megalithic Structures
28:24 Conundrum for Orthodox Timeline
31:38 Supporter Thanks and Value for Value
33:23 Primordial Egypt Tour
34:08 Scientific Research into Limestone Erosion
46:13 When did this happen?
47:17 Conclusion and Questions

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