Busted for photography! Dealing with Allied Universal's finest the right away at a Simon Mall

25 days ago

I normally don't upload the videos where I get stopped for recording and/or asked to leave for doing a video of an elevator at any particular place (excluding public taxpayer funded public property). However, William and I were stopped for doing one of our elevator blogs at a Mall we went to recently. After we were told we couldn't record on the property, we conducted research and found out what we were doing was allowed and continued with our video from there. After being stopped again, we demonstrate how to handle being stopped by security after our research. This video serves as an educational video for the elevator community to understand your rights at the places wherever you may go to film at. In this video, you will see what rights you have on Simon Properties as of 2024 and learn how to handle being stopped the right way for photography. You will also learn about the importance of doing research ahead of time before filming at any location you plan on filming at. The title about Allied Universal is NOT sarcastic! We were treated very professionally here. Tune into the video to learn all about it!

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