Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You - Episode 28

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#10 - Kansas sues Pfizer for misleading the public on the COVID-19 injections.

#9 - Democrat insiders reveal secret plot to replace feeble Joe Biden.

#8 - Ex-CDC director unequivocally predicts there “will be a bird flu pandemic.”

#7 - The Great Reset has BACKFIRED, according to esteemed broadcaster.

#6 - Senior Disney VP caught on camera admitting to discriminatory hiring practices.

#5 - Vaccine-injured pharmacist delivers heartbreaking testimony before the Ohio State Senate.

#4 - Michigan Senator goes off on Democrat bill that makes it “impossible” for citizens to challenge election fraud.

#3 - We now have proof that the COVID “vaccines” damage cognition.

#2 - Groundbreaking peer-reviewed study finds infants who received multiple vaccines at once have ‘exponentially’ greater risk of developmental delays.

#1 - Explosive undercover footage catches US official admitting the ‘Great Replacement Theory’ is REAL.

Plus, an exclusive interview with top law professor Dr. Francis Boyle.


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