đź”´BREAKING: GAME OVER! Congress EXPOSED for abusing security clearance to ENRICH THEMSELVES!!

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https://stephentalksinsidertrading.com/ FREE INSIDER TRAINING EVENT Wednesday, June 26th @ 3pm ET Stephen Gardner and Ross Givens discuss how members of congress were exposed by Matt Gaetz for insider trading, using their positions of authority on a committee to make stock trades.
- Representative Matt Gaetz presented a 3-step plan to fix Congress at Turning Point USA's People’s Convention in Detroit, receiving a standing ovation.
- Gaetz’s plan includes making donations from lobbyists and Super PACs illegal, imposing a lifetime ban on members of Congress becoming lobbyists or registered foreign agents, and banning Congress from trading individual stocks.
- Insider trading expert Ross Givens joined Stephen to discuss Gaetz's plan and the pervasive issue of insider trading among politicians.
- Givens highlighted examples of insider trading by politicians, including high-profile cases involving Nancy Pelosi and Jennifer Granholm.
- He emphasized the extent of corruption in Congress, pointing out numerous instances where lawmakers benefited financially from their legislative actions.
- Givens invited viewers to his free online training event on June 26th, where he will teach how to track insider trades and leverage them for personal financial gain.

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