UNCOVERED: Legal System Weaponised - Trump, Hunter, Bannon & Biden | The Winston Marshall Show #020

20 days ago

Yale Law professor and Constitutional lawyer Jed Rubenfeld sits down to explain to me the truth about Trump’s indictments, the weaponisation and bias of the legal system, the Hush Money trial, Hunter Biden’s felony conviction, the Biden vs Missouri case, now named Murthy vs Missouri in which he is a lawyer representing RFK Jr, and Steve Bannon’s contempt of Congress conviction.

Is there a double standard? Did Hillary do the same exact thing and get away with it?

Professor Rubenfeld tells me what was legitimate and not legitimate about the cases, what the judges got wrong, what happens next and what it means for the Presidential election.

A deep dive into the legal technicalities the main stream media ignore. MUST WATCH INTERVIEW.

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