In Memory of Hugh Whelchel with Dr. Anne Bradley

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1 month ago

Today, The Two Mikes welcomed Dr. Anne Bradley to our podcast to speak about a man named Hugh Whelchel, who has passed away. 

Dr. Bradley worked with Mr. Whelchel at the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics in Northern Virginia. Dr. Bradley remembers Mr. Whelchel as a friend who had the unique ability to teach the theology of life, work and family; indeed, he was a man who could "bring theology to life for Christians." He spoke clearly and with a passion, Dr. Bradley explained, and "it made people want to take the time to speak more with him." 

Mr. Whelchel was never in a rush, and spent time answering questions as long as people had questions to ask. He told his audiences to always recall that God created each person not only in His image and likeness, but also created each person "to be something that only you can be." 

Mr. Whelchel, Dr. Bradley said, can truly be described as a "magnanimous" human being, who had a deep knowledge of scripture, genuine humbleness, and great skill at getting diverse groups of people to sit around the table and work through problems, ideas, and aspirations. 

Mr. Whelchel is sorely missed by those who knew him and heard him speak, but some of his writings still remain available at the Institute's website,

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