Why Soldiers Miss War - With Sebastian Junger (Convo)

1 month ago

War reporter Sebastian Junger has spent years in some of the most violent places on earth, documenting up close the details of human conflict. His signature works are Restrepo and Konregal, feature documentaries about a remote military base in Afghanistan, an infamous outpost of nearly non-stop combat

Junger followed those soldiers once they came back home, and he noticed something strange...

They missed the war.

Why would an American man, having returned home to a land of plenty, of safety, of the infinite stimulation and comforts of modern life, ever miss war?

Junger says soldiers are longing for the tribal ties of combat -- that war, as horrible as it is, still feeds a natural human need for belonging.

1:10 the evolutionary origins of our tribal nature
2:06 the costs of hyper individualism
3:15 is modern society founded on a lie?
4:08 crisis causes people to flip into group mode
6:16 sebastian's novel theory on PTSD: it's a social, not psychological, phenonemon
7:39 indigenous tribes had much better ways of welcoming back their warriors

Check out Sebastians new book: "In My Time of Dying":https://www.amazon.com/My-Time-Dying-Came-Afterlife/dp/1668050838

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