Hamas Has a Friend in the Biden Administration - Trumpet Daily | June 21, 2024

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[00:30] Celtic Throne Feedback (9 minutes)

[9:50] Trump Is Still Killing it (17 minutes)
Joe Biden raised $85 million in May, which sounds like a lot of money—until you compare it to the $141 million Trump raised that same month. The media is dogpiling the Supreme Court for being partisan because some of the justices are conservative. Meanwhile, Biden is doing everything he can to help Hamas, although the floating pier Joebama built for Gaza aid has failed.

[37:00] WorldWatch (4 minutes)

[41:00] A Chosen Generation (12 minutes)
God’s people must dwell in Satan’s world today, but they are not of this evil world. This unique “chosen generation” must live differently from the world, conforming to God’s true doctrines instead of the devil’s lies.

[52:45] Take Your Dog to Work Day! (2 minutes)

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