Max Blumenthal: ‘TARGETED FOR EXPOSING ISRAEL’S LIES’- The Washington Post Attacks The Grayzone

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On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Max Blumenthal, Editor in Chief of The Grayzone. He discusses the Washington Post’s latest hit piece against The Grayzone in an attempt to get its employees investigated by the federal government or arrested for exposing Israel’s propaganda to justify its genocide in Gaza, the lies and fabrications in the Washington Post article trying to tie The Grayzone to being affiliated with the Russian and Iranian government, why he believes the motive for the latest attack on The Grayzone is for exposing Israel’s lies and propaganda surrounding the events of October 7th, the targeting of Editor Wyatt Reed and attempt to tie him to Iran, why the Washington Post is nothing but a laundromat for Israeli and US intelligence agencies in its reporting, the exposed October 7th propaganda concerning ‘Hamas mass rape’ and other pieces of atrocity propaganda, Israel’s own atrocities including torture, sexual assault against Palestinians and violations of the Geneva convention, and much more.

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