Japan: 'Billions of Dying Vaxxed Have Dementia - Perpetrators Must Be Punished'

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1 month ago

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Huge numbers of Japanese are taking to the streets to protest crimes against humanity perpetrated by the World Health Organization and WEF during the pandemic as Japanese scientists continue leading the world in exposing the disastrous health consequences of the vaccine.

While Western scientists operate under the control of Big Pharma coercion, Japanese neuroscientists are alarmed at the explosive surge in dementia cases among COVID vaccinated individuals as a massive study of more than half a million people reveals the vaccine has inflicted early onset dementia on an extraordinary number of people.

The Western mainstream media, funded by Big Pharma and Bill Gates, is desperate to suppress this news, ordering a media blackout across the board. That’s why we are determined to bring it to as many people as possible today.

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