Talk Is Jericho Highlight: Who Killed WCW x The Rock

21 days ago

Dark Side Of The Ring creators Evan Husney and Jason Eisener return to talk about their new 4-part docu-series, Who Killed WCW? (airing Tuesdays on Vice TV). They explain how The Rock and Brian Gewirtz got involved, why Hulk Hogan didn’t take part, some of the things that Kevin Nash said that didn’t make the final series, and why Eric Bischoff was among their favorite interviews. They talk about Bill Goldberg’s involvement, tracking down and interviewing some of the original Turner Executives, and discovering a treasure trove of documentary footage that was shot during the last Nitro and never released! Evan, Jason, and Chris all reveal who THEY think killed WCW, and Chris shares some of his own stories about his time there, his decision to leave, and the one thing he does to this day that’s a direct result of how he was treated at WCW. Plus, will there be a season 5 of Dark Side Of The Ring?

Watch Who Killed WCW?: show/who-killed-wcw

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