🔴BREAKING: Biden’s RECKLESS new scheme fails with the PEOPLE!!

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- **Biden Administration Ineptitude:** The Biden administration's failures are becoming increasingly apparent.
- **Trump's Popularity:** Despite mainstream media criticism, Trump remains popular with the people.
- **Stonehenge Attack:** Climate change activists vandalize Stonehenge, sparking outrage.
- **California Benefits for Illegals:** California offers more benefits to illegal immigrants than New York.

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- **Jake Sullivan's Hamas Comments:** White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan faces backlash for appearing to support Hamas in Gaza negotiations.
- **US-Israel Tensions:** Netanyahu suggests the US is withholding promised weapons, and a high-level meeting between the US and Israel was canceled.
- **Biden's Illegal Immigration Support:** Biden celebrates Obama-era legislation protecting illegal immigrants, potentially encouraging dangerous journeys.
- **Elon Musk Criticizes Government:** Elon Musk slams the Biden administration for wasting $42 billion on a failed internet project.
- **Errol Musk on Ukraine-Russia War:** Elon Musk's father claims we're brainwashed into thinking Ukraine is good and Russia is bad, citing US bioweapon labs in Ukraine.
- **Biden's Declining Black Support:** Biden's support among the black community drops 16%, while Trump's support increases by 14%.
- **JD Vance as Potential VP:** JD Vance confirms he'd consider being Trump's VP if asked.
- **Kamala Harris on Trump and Roe v. Wade:** Harris criticizes Trump for overturning Roe v. Wade, while some argue it has saved tens of thousands of babies.
- **Stonehenge Vandalized:** Anti-oil climate activists damage Stonehenge, angering many.
- **Charlie Kirk on Government Spending:** Charlie Kirk criticizes government spending on benefits for illegals and foreign aid, advocating for prioritizing Americans.

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