Walking Stick Shows How it Pretends Like a Stick

Published May 11, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble At first glance, one may miss to realize that there is an insect on the ground until it will start moving - it is a walking stick insect.

This walking stick was resting on a stone then it walked to a nearby plant and positioned itself in a way that onlookers will think there is a stick near this plant. It moved again - this time, it hung itself in a stem and it became totally unrecognizable.

After its demo on how to pretend like a stick, it went back to the stone where it originally was standing.

Have you seen a walking stick insect? You may have seen a green specie resting on a green stem or leaf or one that is deep brown on a tree trunk that its color totally blends with the tree bark. These creatures are interesting - they can evade pursuers or predators by camouflage.