Proof of Life After Death: Hope and a Warning From The Other Side

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26 days ago

Life After Death: A Warning From The Other Side

You wake up. Sleepiness fades as your eyes slowly open to a bright white light. And it feels warm and familiar; it feels like home. And your whole family is there to meet you.

Your entire life flashes before your eyes, like scenes from a movie. The good. The bad. Even the awful things you've done. But everything comes together. It all finally makes sense.

With this enormous weight off your shoulders, the memory of your life starts to fade, just like a dream.

A familiar voice says: "We're happy you're here. We missed you. But - you can't stay." What? You just got here. You're getting kicked out already?

The voice says, "They need you. But we'll see you again when the time is right." And you know, somehow, the voice is telling the truth.

Suddenly, a burst of red-hot pain rips through your chest. It feels like every single cell in your body is on fire. You can't breathe.

A scream forces your eyes open. It's a blood-curdling scream, like an animal being eaten alive. Then you realize: the scream is coming from you.

You're in a hospital bed surrounded by doctors and nurses. They all take a step back. Stunned. They're staring at you. But why?

Well - you just came back from the dead.

#NDEs #OBEs #Afterlife

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