3-Frankettes vs. 6-Balls & 2-Yak vs. 7-Ponies | Rd 2, Matches 5 & 6 - The Dozen Trivia Tournament IV

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Round 2 begins for The Dozen Trivia Tournament IV and we have a wild double-header. First up, 3-seed Frank & the Frankettes debut in a huge matchup as Nick, KB, & Frank the Tank take on Season 2 Champions 6-Uptown Balls with Glenny Balls, Tommy Smokes, & Smitty. After that match, a heated showdown is set to begin as 7-Booze Ponies, fresh off a big win by Will Compton, Dana Beers, & Feits, take on 2-The Yak's Big Cat, Rone, & Steve Cheah in their first match of the Tournament.

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