Glenn Greenwald: Antisemitism, Attacks on Free Speech, and Everything You Need to Know about Brazil

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How do you know American politics is dominated by a uniparty that seeks to oppress you? Because both sides oppose free speech. Glenn Greenwald explains. Greenwald is a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, author, former constitutional lawyer, and host of the nightly live Rumble show "System Update.”

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00:00 Glenn Greenwald
01:15 Ed Snowden
8:08 Why the Left Stopped Criticizing the Intel Agencies
13:17 The ACLU
37:16 Donald Trump Refocused Republicans on America
53:31 The Truth About TikTok
1:00:35 Why They Want to Silence Tucker
1:16:37 Keep Hate Out of Your Heart
1:31:50 Julian Assange and WikiLeaks
1:36:27 Did Vladimir Putin Kill Alexei Navalny?
1:41:01 The Kristi Noem Dog Scandal
1:54:52 Greenwald's Life in Brazil
2:07:39 Authoritarianism Unfolding Around the World

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