Gobekli Tepe: Evidence Found that Proves Noah’s Flood is Real

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Recently, new evidence emerged from Turkey’s Göbekli Tepe site that may actually prove the biblical story of Noah and the flood is real! Careful examination of the stone engravings reveals Noah’s story, the ark, and even the beasts that Noah brought. To date, the true purpose of most ancient sites found on our planet remains officially unrecognized. This discovery could not only change what we know about our ancient past but also help revolutionize the study of many other ancient sites that could prove the stories in the Bible are real.

However, a major cover-up may be happening at these ancient sites. Why are organizations such as the World Economic Forum, via the Dogus Group, sponsoring excavations or forming partnerships that control who performs the excavations or studies? Is it that they want to help bring awareness and understanding of what the site is to the public? Ensure no one is conducting unlawful excavations or causing potential damage to the site? Or was something found that they would like to cover up?

Let’s find out! Join Ben & Rob on this Edge of Wonder live show as they uncover the truth and discuss other ancient site discoveries. At the end of the show, don’t miss the live Q&A followed by a meditation/prayer session, only on Rise.TV. See you on the edge!

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