Steve-O’s New Face Tattoo (The Whole Story) - Wild Ride #220

1 month ago

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What's up everybody!? We have a long overdue solo episode with the return of the gorgeous Paul Brisske. Were in Tennessee about to leave for tour and just a couple days ago Steve-O got his first face tattoo done by the one and only Post Malone and the day after that the whole crew competed and completed a triathlon. We tell all the juicy details about everything that went down.

00:00 intro
00:48 Vinny's underwear
02:30 face tattoo
11:35 ad 1 blue chew
13:18 regretting the face tattoo?
24:25 ad 2 Shopify
27:49 new tour
30:00 Vinny completed the triathlon
36:42 ad 3 hello tushy
39:00 best friends
01:06:00 outro

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