David Sacks & Evan Owen - Glue: The AI Solution to Workplace Communication | The Casey Adams Show

1 month ago

In this episode of The Casey Adams Show, we sit down with David Sacks and Evan Owen, the dynamic co-founders of ⁠Glue AI.⁠ David, a serial entrepreneur and co-host of the popular All In podcast, has been teasing the launch of this innovative AI company, which promises to transform how we communicate at work. Alongside Evan, former VP of engineering at Zinc, they have developed Glue, an employee chat app designed to combat 'Slack channel fatigue' with its unique thread-based communication system and powerful AI integrations.

Glue AI not only simplifies workspace messaging but also introduces an AI bot as a virtual team member, ready to assist in real-time. Join us as David and Evan share the journey of creating Glue, the challenges they’ve overcome, and their vision for the future of AI in the workplace. Discover how Glue’s innovative approach is set to make noisy, overwhelming channels a thing of the past, and learn why this new tool is generating buzz among tech enthusiasts and investors alike.

Sign up for Glue AI: ⁠https://glue.ai/

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