STANLEY CUP Finals Have Historic Low Ratings. Here's Why.

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1 month ago

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is experiencing the lowest ever ratings for the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Stanley Cup final. I suppose they figured that with a Canadian team being in the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in 31 years, the entire country would get behind the Edmonton Oilers and watch every single game so that they could sell more advertising at higher prices.

It turns out that Canadians don't care anymore. Canadians are too broke to care and certainly haven't forgiven the teams for involving themselves in the Skamdemik Scandal and we are all fed up with rainbow colored jerseys along with very bizarre ideologies being forced on us for no good reason that we can think of. Everybody is done with wokeness and it's showing in the profit margins or lack thereof of the major broadcasters. I played hockey for 45 years, coached it for 30 and refereed it for 31.

I love the game of old, I can't stand the game of new. You can spare me the notion that I am not a real Canadian if I don't watch hockey. that argument means nothing and if you are wasting your time watching the Stanley Cup finals then you're as dumb as they need you to be because you're focused on the wrong things.

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