Talented Bulldog Pretends To Pose As A Puppet In A Lineup

AFVPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

Dogs are capable of a number of surprising feats. There are some studies that say certain breeds of dogs can recognize up to 2,000 words and respond to them. The bulldog in this video has a few interesting talents. One of them, is the ability to pose. Of course, the surroundings in this clip make his pose all the more interesting and his talent a little bit more noticeable as the camera moves around the room.

We do love the pose as well. He is sitting up on his hind legs with his front paws in the air. I, personally love his little head tilt that makes it appear as though he is one of the puppets. He’s a pretty good listener as well. The bulldog and his owner display a few more of his talents. There is the simple lay down, a command that my dog has decided means sit. We have yet to disabuse him of that notion. He then does the always cute “Bang” trick where the man pretends to shoot the dog. The dog then lays down and pretends to be dead.

A morbid trick, but somehow cute when an adorable animal does it. What we were impressed with, and this is mostly because we haven’t been able to do it with our dogs, is treat denial. The man offers the bulldog a treat and the dog goes for it, but then the man says no, not this one. The bulldog then sits back and ignores the treat. Obviously, he knows that another one will be forthcoming, but his discipline is pretty great to watch. All in all just a solid video of a very good doggy.

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