Pampered Lizard Enjoys Snacks During His Bath

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Published: May 10, 2018Updated: May 11, 2018

Joanna the bearded dragon gets regular baths, but also gets spoiled with treats in the bath. He is so happy getting his favorite treat, he simply can’t get enough as he is waiting passionately for the next bite. His face looks blissfully happy when he takes a mouthful of the enjoyable food. Just look how his face lights up when his owner gives the snack slowly. Joanna is such an eager eater especially when his owner makes that trick of not giving him food straight into his mouth. He is undeniable an adorable dragon!

When it comes to audible eating, Joanna is a real leader. His carnivorous zest is so loud that can be heard around the house. He has an appetite of marathon runners after they have finished with the run, which only adds up to jis irresistible cuteness. Bearded Dragons are arguably the most popular pet reptile, especially for new reptile owners. While their care is not as much as, say, a dog or a hamster, there are specific habitat and dietary requirements that are crucial to their success. Joanna bearded Dragon may bask with his mouth open when he is too hot to allow his body temperature to cool down, similar to a dog panting.

Joanna is an incredible pet since he shows a true bonding ability and has docile nature. It is a great pet for anyone who are looking to enter the hobby. His curious and social personality makes him a great pet to interact with, whether young or old.

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