Damaged Tire Of Passing Truck Blows With Loud Sound

6 years ago

When trucks are rolling down the highway at speeds of 60-70mph, the last thing you want to see is a tire blowing out or a wheel coming off. Just as this truck passes in the left lane, a tire on the right blows out with a loud boom, and the entire thing is caught on camera. Crazy!

Dash cam footage shows the unexpected moment when a speeding truck passes by a car, immediately after which its tire explodes to pieces, much to driver’s disbelief. Fortunately, the driver behind the truck was equipped with a dash cam and made for this incredible video to be filmed. This is the best way for law enforcement to see what exactly happened in traffic mishaps.

Footage shows the third tire on the far right from the back explode with a sound resembling a gunshot. The dust and dirt on the road around the truck was sent into the air like a plume of smoke. Amazingly, the truck driver didn’t lose control over the vehicle and kept its lane and continued driving on the highway. In addition, we don’t really know whether he heard or felt what happened because he didn’t break and pull off the highway immediately the accident.

Almost anyone who has driven on major highways has seen the large strips of rubber on the road as pieces are left like shrapnel after a blowout. These events must be fairly common, judging by the number of pieces of shredded tire that can be found on many roads, but it is not very often that a driver will actually witness it happening.

Luckily, this driver had a dash cam running so that the incident could be captured on video. As the truck with the blown tire continued along the highway, the driver in the vehicle behind commented the unfortunate accident, carefully making his way on the road.

This incident illustrates the importance of maintaining a safe following distance and the benefit of not driving right beside a large truck for any length of time. A car immediately adjacent to the tire when it exploded could have had serious trouble and likely damage. Have this video in mind the next time you find yourself next to a speeding truck on a highway.

At the point when trucks are moving down the highway at paces of 60-70mph, the exact opposite thing you need to see is a tire passing out or a wheel coming over. Similarly, as this truck goes in the left path, a tire on the correct smothers with a boisterous blast and the whole thing is gotten on camera. Insane!

This occurrence outlines the significance of keeping up a protected after separation and the advantage of not driving appropriate adjacent to an extensive truck for any time span. An auto quickly nearby the tire when it detonated could have had the genuine inconvenience and likely harm. Have this video at the top of the priority list whenever you wind up alongside a speeding truck on a highway!

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