Mom Pranks Sleeping Teen With Loud Air Horn

AFVPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

Ahh, the sleeping teen prank. A classic practical joke for many parents to pull on their child who just refuses to get out of bed. Now, we’ve discussed this before, teens actually need an astounding amount of sleep. Their bodies are going through a huge number of hormonal and physical changes that require the sleep to give their body the energy they need. They also have body clocks that are changing. Unfortunately for them, the activities of life aren’t scheduled around their sleep needs.

That all said, we do love a good parents’ pranking their sleeping teenager video. A good air horn one will never not be funny. Though, we do admit to feeling bad for the dog. I mean, he did not deserve the air horn, but occasionally collateral damage does happen when you are going through with a solid prank. Of course, we aren’t sure if the dog was more surprised by the freak out of his teenage cuddle buddy or if he was startled by the air horn. As the meme says, “Why not both?”

We do love that in classic teenager fashion, this girl tries to bury herself in her blankets and pillow immediately after getting woken up by the air horn. We do wonder how many times her parents tried to get her up. Clearly, all of the lights are on in the room. Maybe they even put the dog on the bed in the hope that he would wake her up. We assume that the air horn must have been a hilarious, but last resort for the parents. You can hear the dad yelling at the girl to get up afterward.

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