Reality with Bruce de Torres 25 Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

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Reality with Bruce de Torres 25 Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, husband and wife journalists and authors, joined me to discuss the narrative creation process, how the idea of empire (might makes right) must die, and world peace based on economic justice.

Jimmy Carter was picked to be president by David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. Carter made Zbigniew Brzezinski his national security advisor, elevated to a Cabinet level post, allowing ZB to run policies and projects unbeknown to the State and Defense Departments (and possibly unknown to Carter, too).

ZB targeted the Soviet Union for destruction, stirred up trouble along the USSR’s southern border and activated Muslim extremists to make the USSR “do something.”

He destabilized Afghanistan until the USSR sent troops in December 1979, which Carter called the greatest threat to peace since World War II. Détente was abandoned. The neo-cons pushed aside peacemakers and started their rise to dominance. Their brutish mindset was lampooned in the movie, DR. STANGELOVE. A British officer studied the American military after that movie came out, to see how real it might be. His conclusion: they should have called it a documentary.

Paul and Liz discovered that the USSR wanted to leave Afghanistan; the freedom fighters (some of whom were drug dealers) were paid by the US and Saudi Arabia not to push the USSR out but to trap them there with attacks and terrorism while money was made at every level of drug trafficking, arms deals, military contracts and intelligence operations.

But our media and government refused to tell the truth. And so, while Paul and Liz wrote two books, INVISIBLE HISTORY: Afghanistan’s Untold Story and CROSSING ZERO: The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire, were invited to speak many places, including the Naval Postgraduate School, and their books were used at universities, CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR, the 2007 movie of pure propaganda, became “the truth” to most Americans. The events depicted therein are meaningless compared to what was really going on.

Afghanistan, in chaos after the USSR left, was inflicted with the cruel and extreme Taliban, a creation of Pakistani intelligence, which a close observer called a wholly owned subsidiary of British intelligence. Before Brzezinski’s destruction, Afghanistan was a secular country that happened to be Muslim, with its women wearing mini-skirts and comprising 60% of the student body.

Afghanistan is not the only country destroyed by America’s imperial purposes.

Paul and Liz’s daughter’s dream of Paul’s father compelled their investigation of their Fitzgerald family history in Ireland back almost 1,000 years. They found that JFK’s death was quite plausibly a sacred sacrifice, maybe even the revenge of the Knights Templar against a Catholic president for what a Catholic Pope did centuries ago.

We participate monthly in Zoom Roundtables (through that explore JFK’s peace plan from his June 10, 1963, speech at American University, and Henry George’s economics. The goal is to create the economic justice necessary for the creation of genuine world peace.

The new world we want must first be created in our minds and in our hearts. Then we can have it out “there” in the “real” world.

Paul and Liz also wrote two volumes of THE VALEDICTION: Three Nights of Desmond and Resurrection, published by TrineDay Publishing (, for whom I do marketing.

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