Talk Is Jericho Highlight: Are You Kidding TV x NBA x MLB

28 days ago

You’ve probably seen Joey Gizzi and Steven Lannum on their popular YouTube and TikTok channel, Are You Kidding TV, but now you get to hear the two founding creators explain the inspiration behind some of their biggest pranks and challenges! They talk about how they got started in college, the evolution of their content, how they built their brand, what they did to make themselves and their content unique, and how they financed their early videos. They also share hilariously behind-the-scenes stories about some of their biggest videos including the 24-Hour series, the one with Ed Sheeran in a park, their collab with Mr. Beast, the claw machine in the middle of campus, and paying $1k to crash a Pittsburgh Pirates game, and another $1k to crash the Utah Jazz court!

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