Criminal tries to steal parrot, gets beatdown from 70-year-old shop owner

Published May 10, 2018 8,889 Views

Rumble / Stupid CriminalsAfter spending more than 35 minutes in this bird shop and chatting with the owner and leaving an address, this inexperienced burglar tried to kidnap a Severe Macaw. The shop owner Lloyd had a hunch that this guy was up to no good, so when he saw him enter the shop for the third time with an open bag, Lloyd reacted fast, eventually crashing the burglar into a parrot cage. However, the burglar still managed to get the bird in the bag so Lloyd did not give up.

Lloyd chased him out of the store, tripped him multiple times and knocked him out with the parrot perch all while the poor bird was still in the bag. Lloyd and the bird snatcher battled all the way to the next main street until Lloyd eventually got not only the bird back but the bird snatchers shirt, hat and bag.

When Lloyd came back in to the store with all of that, he found out that the bird was alive and doing well.

Lloyd is 70 years old and as fit as they come, twice the burglar's age and half the size. The parrot community is crazy about Lloyd's heroism. Lloyd says he did it because he loves the birds and especially Snatch, who now has a great love for Lloyd. Snatch's owner died a few months before he came into the store.


  • MaxtheMoluccan, 1 year ago

    Noooo! You can't steal a parrot. At least not without consequences!

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