Big Dog Casually Steals Struggling Puppy's Snack

AFVPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

Some of us at America’s Funniest Home Videos fall on the shorter side of the height spectrum. Which is fine, but we have got to tell you, watching this video brought up all of the times when we’ve needed a taller coworker to grab something for us or help us hang something because we can’t find the step stool or ladder? Who keeps hiding those things?! And why do they build break room cabinets so high up!

Which brings us to this poor pup just wants to snack on a tortilla chip. We think he is a Maltese, but we’re not 100-percent certain. Mostly because of all the grey in his fur. Anyway, there is a chip on the coffee table and he really, really wants it. He tries to so hard to use his little paws to pull it toward himself but…he can’t…quite…reeeach it. He is just a little too small to get that chip. Seriously, one or two more inches of height and this guy has chip in triumph, but alas. He does not.

Instead, his big dog brother, what appears to be a black Labrador, wanders over and just casually chomps on the chip right in front of the little guy. The look of disappoint on the small dog’s face is both absolutely heartbreaking and devastatingly hilarious. We also like that it never occurred to him to try and go to other side of the table where his friend/thief is standing. Not that we think it would have made it easier for him to actually get the chip, but it was an option. Poor pup, maybe next time he’ll get that chip.

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