German Shepherd Outsmarts Owner During Training Session

Published May 10, 2018 13,669 Plays $20.53 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever wanted to teach your dog tricks but weren’t sure where to start? Any dog can be taught all kinds of tricks, even if you have never formally learned how to train dogs before. With a little patience, persistence, and a positive attitude, you can teach your dog how to follow commands and do tricks.

For this specific trick, you may want to try using a treat that is flat enough to balance well on your dog’s nose without rolling off. But for this German Shepherd, “the rolling off” part is not a problem at all because before it happens, the dog biscuit is gone in one big bite and the Treat-On-The-Nose trick fails no sooner than it has started. How hilarious is that? So, with this dog, the trick just requires a lot of patience on the side of his owner. Not only his owner is calm and doesn’t get frustrated but she giggles at the dog’s mischievousness. Instead of her teaching him a trick, he double fools her and shows how dogs can be funny too. There’s no messing with this dog!

It appears this pup needs just a little bit more work on the "stay" part. How funny is that?! The word “stay” doesn’t resonate well in the ears of this dog so he decides to ignore it entirely. To this canine it feels weird to have something sitting on top of his nose, so he’ll not listen to whatever his owner says and gets the treat anyway.