Boston Terrier Teaches Newborn Baby How To Crawl

AFV Published May 10, 2018 4,214 Plays

Rumble At a young age babies of every species learn by mimicking their mothers and fathers, and in some cases the pets they live with. We have seen plenty of videos of little babies copying dogs and cats and acting more like them than their actual parents. But occasionally, that mimicry can be used for good when a dog or cat is able to teach the baby how to baby, like with this video.

We just love how this excited Boston Terrier tries to show the baby how to crawl and it does appear as though she kind of gets it. He even rewards her when she crawls a little bit. It’s also nice that the dog seems to understand babies. Not every dog does. In fact, anecdotally, we have seen plenty of dogs that are quite confused by toddlers and babies. Maybe it’s a size thing, and for dogs it’s like they’re looking at a way too small version of something that should be far larger. We could see how that would be confusing.

There is also the fact that dogs generally don’t know what to expect when babies come into the home. There are new sights, new smells and new routines that they have to adapt to as well. According to the ASPCA, you should take some time to prepare your dogs for a newborn before the baby arrives. Interestingly, most dogs are, according to ASPCA, are very confused by baby crawling because they have never seen a human crawl. The society recommends showing baby moves to your dog so that they are used to them when a real one arrives. Or get a trained dog crawler like this adorable Boston Terrier!