Adorable Kid Decides To Take A Nap During A Haircut

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Published: May 10, 2018Updated: May 11, 2018

What does it take to get you to slip into a deep, peaceful sleep? Maybe a pillow-topped mattress with a cozy down comforter and two perfectly plumped pillows? If you remember life as a kid, you'll remember that naps were necessary sporadically throughout the day. Naps are everything! Now as a grown up you appreciate them even more!

But back them living a kid's life was exhausting as all you do is exert energy. Because of this, kids can literally sleep anywhere. When we say anywhere, we mean anywhere. You are probably smiling right now while you read this because probably it has happened to you too!

This adorable kid had a day filled with playful games so when it was time to have a haircut he decides to take a nap! This adorable kid is Musa. Musa is so tired and relaxed during his haircut that he practically sleeps through all of it! Hilarious! To us, the only convenient place to take a nap is a bed or at least somewhere we can comfortably pose our body.

Kids, however, aren't as picky with their beds. They can fall asleep in a shopping cart, on top of a dog, or even taking a haircut at the barber shop and still be comfortable. It's magnificent really how easily they can fall asleep wherever and whenever they please. We wish we could nap everywhere like that! This cute boy took napping to a whole new level!

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