Annoyed Labrador Helps Other Dog Get Out Of Truck

AFVPublished: May 10, 201848 views
Published: May 10, 2018

Dogs who live together, even if they aren’t related, become like siblings in your family. They each have their own quirks and sometimes that comes across as annoyance. Sometimes it looks like two sisters or brothers fighting each other because the thread has been worn thin and just needs a reset. The two dogs in this video remind us of those days when you are just fed up with your siblings and start making decisions.

In the video, the driver has parked his truck or SUV and opened the back door so his two dogs can get out. The black Labrador, who is behind the yellow lab, is totally ready to get out. He wants his forest time. The yellow lab, however, just sits there. Some dogs are car dogs, others just use them to get from point A to point B. The yellow lab is clearly nervous about jumping from the car. Some dogs just get antsy about the exit. We love how clearly annoyed the black lab’s face looks when he realizes that the yellow lab isn’t going to jump.

The black lab goes under and around the yellow lab to get out of the truck. We just love that once the black lab is out he is ready to go and explore the woods, but the yellow lab just sits there waiting. When the black lab comes back to the truck and grabs his friend’s leash he basically drags him out of the car. A part of us imagines that this dog would drag his friend through the forest if he had to do so. As the internet always says, we don’t deserve dogs.

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