A Rooster Crows At The Door Of A KFC Restaurant

Published May 10, 2018 38 Plays

Rumble Some people say that life is full of absurd situations, and now we have a video that proves it! It is so unbelievably ridiculous that you just have to check it out! This video shows a rooster chicken who is standing right in front of a KFC restaurant door and crows! LOL! This video is made by a woman who has noticed this rooster from a distance and started filming it. She is also a narrator in this video worth listening to! Her comments are as funny as this whole odd situation is! But I can’t help but wonder how this poor fellow had ended up in front of a place that is worldwide famous for their fried chicken! I mean if he could only know what they serve inside I bet he would run for his life as fast as he can and forget about all that crowing! LOL!