A Tot Girl Fails At Sweeping Leaves Off A Porch

AFVViralsPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

Toddlers are so adorable when they offer their parents to help them with house chores. But even though their will to do the chores is strong, their understanding of the job that has to be done is usually not. This funny video shows a little girl who wanted to clean the house porch but ended up failing at it. As the video begins, you can see the tot girl as she sweeps leaves on a porch onto a dustpan. She loads the dustpan and walks to the railing to toss them over, but each time she does it, issues occur and she makes no progress. The problem is that she doesn’t realize she has to hold the leaves on the dustpan if she wants to prevent them from flying off the dustpan. Oh, how precious is she? This little girl just can’t understand why the leaves keep falling back on the porch! LOL! But she really wanted to help! It’s the thought that counts! So hilarious!

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