Parent Bulldog Patiently Entertains Energetic Puppies

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Published: May 10, 2018Updated: May 11, 2018

Let us be clear, all puppies are precious and extremely adorable, but if we had to choose, these puppies would be on top of the adorableness list. Puppies are the best remedy for a bad mood, especially when there are a bunch of them enjoying with you and they want to play with you! We cherish our dogs as our best friends. Dogs make us laugh when they’re unpredictable and silly. You want your day to be better? This puppies will probably do it! Be amazed!

After walking away from these playful pups, this bulldog is forced to sit there and entertain them. Hilarious! Well, these dogs aren't too great with personal space either, but maybe that's just because they love to cuddle and always be by your side! So adorable! If you ever wondered what's it like when you have a home full of playful puppies this video will show you how it looks like! Well, for you maybe it looks fun but this bulldog is running out of patience!

There is nothing in the world cuter than a puppy. OK, wait — scratch that. The one thing cuter than a puppy is a lot of puppies. Every mom and dad can agree that parenting is a full-time job. And if the video is any indication, that idea isn’t just for humans — it’s for bulldogs, too! This video is for sure cuteness overload!

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