Missing Dog Found Trapped In Muddy River Bank Gets Heroic Rescue

Published May 10, 2018 43,072 Views

Rumble / Everyday HeroesDramatic footage was caught on camera showing the tense rescue mission of a dog stuck in a muddy river bank. Clearly, the animal felt the man’s desire to help so it laid perfectly still, while the rescuer struggled to grab a firm hold of its body and pull it back to dry ground! Faith in humanity restored!

After missing for three days, Ginger's howling was heard from a muddy bank on the other side of the river. Johnny Rickman, the dog warden for Lawrence County, Kentucky was called and came straight away. Along with neighbor Mitchell McCoy, they were able to safely rescue Ginger from almost certain death. Ginger is now at the Tri-County Animal Clinic recovering from the incident.

Ginger was rescued in Ulysses, Kentucky, on April 25, after becoming trapped on a river bank for a number of days, according to a man who helped rescue the animal. Footage of the rescue mission was caught on camera and shows the tense moment when the dog warden from Lawrence County getting down a muddy bank just to save a dog from its somber predicament.

Reportedly, Ginger had been missing for a number of days before she was heard her howling from a nearby river and fortunately was successfully rescued and transported to an animal hospital to be nursed back to health.

A dog got itself into serious trouble when it ran down a muddy soil and failed to find its way up. The concerned owner immediately informed the fire department and their team rushed to the spot and lent a helping hand.

This footage shows the dramatic rescue mission set to save the dog from its ugly predicament. We can see one brave man sliding down the muddy bank towards the dog while being tethered to a rope in case the he slips. As the man reaches the dog, he pets her head and shuts closed her mouth with a loose string, in case she tries to bite out of fear. He grabs the dog and manages to climb up the bank, and get them to safety!

Fortunately, the dog didn’t suffer any severe injuries despite of being drenched and visibly weak. The pooch is soon reunited with its humans and given a big hug and a warm blanket.